Empire may be the newest business to hit South Carolina, but its born rich with history. The founder created this concept to give the Capital City a true tourist attraction. This restaurant is a tribute to the great times of the "Roaring Twenties". To add to the modern day experience, some true relics have been displayed to commemorate such iconic figures of those times. Be sure to visit our Lounge Area on the 2nd floor and check out our authentic Murderers Row baseball glove, our 1920's era style boxing gloves worn by a young Joe Louis, antique Tommy Gun purchased in Chicago from the Al Capone era and more. Filled with many other antique items from the 1920's era for your enjoyment as the past clashes with todays generations who still know how to have a good time. For our centerpiece it was fitting that we brought in an 8ft tall Empire Chandelier which tops off the Gatsby feel we were going for.

As far as our direction, Columbia didnt have to population to maintain such a business, and so for Empire to continue to ROAR, we have made several changes to fit the customary expectations. Still producing live shows every Saturday, however, we now welcome R&B, Blues, and Soul performances rather than stick to the traditional Jazz from the Jazz Age. We also now seldom bring burlesque dancers and magicians and now focus more on enhancing the celebration at your table. Feel free to drop in, hang out, eat, drink, dance, see a show, and whatever you do celebrate life!




920 Lady St
Columbia, SC